Saturday, 2 January 2016

Stay healthy with 8bag in 2016

New year 2016 has started and with it many promises. I will sign-up to gym, I will start diet etc. It is not necessary to promise anything yourself. Just start to do it! 

Imposisible doesn't exist!
First of all – reduce fast food, meat and white bread. Try new year with new diet – start to eat more vegetables and fruits. These little fellows can help you – trust me! Not only in weight reduction. People who eats a lot of vegetables and fruits are healthier – fruits have a lot of vitamins and they can help with increasing cancer protection.  

Good solution to start adventure with fruits and vegetables is a "half rule" – it's quite simple - just make sure that 50 percent of your meal are fruits or vegetables. 

Another great and simple thing you can do is reducing amount of sugar and calories in your drinks. Water is a key to everything. Juices contains a lot of sugar and empty calories. Water gives life, water can clear your body out of toxic, water keeps you hydrated.  

When you drinks coffee or tea try not to sugar them. Simple thing but limits a lot of calories! Our recommendation is to drink around 8 glasses or 2 liters of pure water (without CO2). 

It is good when we are trying to help ourselves via diet. There is no better thing that take a tour back to the past and start to eat like our grandfathers. Cooked meat, steamed vegetables, fresh fish – that are meals which are healthy and tasty. Try not to use salt and another salty spices.  

Healthy year with 8bagNatural food is always better than processed GMOs. All these chickens in well known colonels restaurant are...empty. Did you noticed that when you are eating there you are hungry in about 30 minutes? Food in there has its volume but it is just empty calories. 
Buy note. Yeah, just like that. You will keep you 
healthy when you become smart shopper – before you go to any shop write down what you have to buy. It can reduce your chances to buy something you don't needed. Like these candies next to cash desks. Promotions and discounts can distract you but you have to be smarter than that! 

I don't say that snacks aren't good – they are but... double chocolate candybar isn't good at all. It is better to buy some almonds or nuts. Almonds are great for our metabolism. Beside chocolate – 100g of almonds! 

Fight for your right! Do you were on this party when everybody was having good fun, you all were drinking and suddenly somebody poped-up with idea – let's order a pizza! You weren't even hungry but... you ordered it with your friends and you ate your part – and for what? Next time just say that you are not hungry - I think that your friends will understand that. 

Stay healthy in 2016! All good wishes from 8bag team!

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