Thursday, 28 January 2016

[8bag tips] How to become "photo star"

Our bags are always great on photographs - we? Not so much. I've decided to write article about improving your look at photos - enjoy.

Good photograph is important to good photos
Do you know this feeling when summer is all around, it is very warm and sunny, people are smiling and water in the ocean is just perfect. And this whole picture can vanish in one short while - when you'll see yourself in the photo. Do you have this, though saying "how these models can look so good on photos"? I had it too – today I know what to do to become "photo star". Don't worry – I'll show you. 

First of all, check if you often blink on the photos. Nothing is that awful than beautiful eyes... half closed. Try to control it. A good way to always have eyes open on photographs is to close them a while before "click" and open it slowly when the photo is taken – this can be confusing and seem to be hard but it isn't – really – just try!

If you don't have a supermodel figure you have to learn how to avoid the double-chin effect. It is very simple – just push your head a little forward. The most important part of your face is forehead – you have to imagine that it is sticking out. It is a little funny at the beginning but it works perfectly.

Find some photos of you that you really like. When you collect all pictures, put them on the table and find a common factor. There is a pattern – trust me. Try to get some pictures and find a way where you are looking great. 

What is the oldest trick ever? When you are smiling during the photos just put your tongue behind your teeth – you will have the perfect smile.

Sometimes our eyes are very red and tired. It has a terrible influence to photos! It is a simple way to avoid unnecessary Photoshop. Just use the eye drops (like Visine) and makes your eyes look alive.

The old rule says – smile! When you have grumpy face forget about good photos. A smile is a recipe for everything – even if it's dummy or goofy – it's smile. If your face will look strange – so what? It was a smile! Something funny already happened! A smile can help you in every situation. Smile is a key to perfect photo [8bag tips]

Remember to wear brighter colors – when you have dark make-up or dark clothes all photo can be too dark and it is hard to set proper contrast. Dark lipstick can successfully reduce your lips size – it isn't good effect at all. 

Light is a key – try to find a source of natural, daylight. When light is properly distracted you don't have to worry about unwanted shadows on your  face.

I hope that few tips will make your photos more acceptable and you become a photogenic model! Just start to practice – without it whole my words are useless!


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